About Our Artists

Karyn Pope

Hi! I'm Karyn Pope, the mastermind behind Inclined Designs. I have a young daughter, a husband of 7 years, and have been sewing since 1996—I started in high school! I have made everything from halloween costumes to wedding dresses and currently specialize in infant accessories and hand-lettered graphic design. In addition to running Inclined Designs, I am a full-time accountant at a local steel company. I love any kind of art and am constantly learning new techniques and media to work with. I love designing things for little ones and custom orders are my favorite. And now, I get to run this Burghy Subscription Box cooperative. 


Meghan Tutolo of 1flychicken creations


Artist and maker behind 1flychicken creations, Meghan Tutolo is a born-and-raised Pittsburgher with a love of her hometown, her smooshy-faced cats and making "all the things!" By trade, she is a copywriter and writing instructor, but she has also found a way to turn her passion for making things and gift-giving into more than just a hobby. Meghan does everything from design to paint to doodle. Lately, though, she has been obsessed with modern stained glass design and creation. For more of her creations, motorcycle adventures and a shameless amount of smooshy-faced cuteness, check out her Instagram @1flychicken.


Jaci Dean of Stitchburgh Boutique

creates modern, one-of-a-kind stitched goods and gifts made with lots of love and a hint (okay, maybe more than a hint) of sass. There's a little something for everyone: beautiful hand-embroidered flowers and plants, fun and timely pop-culture quotes, and the best-selling "sweary hoops". Stitchburgh Boutique aims to spread the love and appreciation of hand embroidery and cross stitch to new audiences across Pittsburgh and beyond.



Katie Oldaker of Oh Candles!